MechQuest Art Book

Our first ever artbook is officially published
This is so exciting! Our Artbook is available online at J!nx now for $19.99. Our first book is certain to be the ultimate collectors item and it comes with a special code on the inside that unlocks a rare armor in AQWorlds. If you are a serious fan of our games, a real-life rare hunter, or just want to laugh at my bad grammar and typos that actually went to print — do not miss your chance to get this book. Contains art from J6, Thyton, Oishii, Miltonius, Johnny Atomic and more!

JUST released!
Get yours NOW!

The ultimate AE Collectors Item

  • 120+ pages of full color Mecha insanity
  • A How to Draw Section by Thyton and Oishii
  • Behind the scenes & Doom to Come
  • BONUS: Includes a unique code on the inside cover that unlocks the exclusive Skullcrusher armor in AQWorlds (and the Skullcrusher Mecha in MechQuest)

8 Responses


  2. your not artix are you?

  3. U not Artix u a newbie

  4. plxxxx give me this code guy

  5. does anyone know how to get out of a club on mechquest

  6. Lol u cant

  7. what is a promo code in mechquest its real

  8. If u had checked beforehand u would no that each code is unique and can only be used once. So unless u can find someone who is willing to buy the book, but not use the code, u’ll just have to buy the book like I did. It;s worth it, don’t worry.

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