That is A LOT of Daimyos!


Drybones1998 says, “Dear Artix, i know its late but this is for Daimyo’s birthday thanks and i hope you get this and reply keep up with the great releases. (smiley face)



Artix says, “Thanks Drybones1998 and friends! Your screenshot gave me a huge smile and even Daimyo and wagging his tail with a puppy smile beside me. You gave me even more reasons to work hard and make AQWorlds the best game ever for you.”

This week, we are going to attempt teleporting the town of Battleon to GreenGuard forest. All magic using players are hereby asked to join us on Friday to cast the spell in a special one-time only live event. Both Warlic AND Cysero will be there to help… and *coughs* we are adding music and voice acting to the event (you were warned!)


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