A New Just Released Post- Artix

Earliest Friday release in history
This week, be the first to see the world map! Use the new and improved house editing interface and customize your house with new items. To celebrate the 4th of July and Canada day we have added a special assortment of items in Battleon’s the special shop.

Zoomed into view of Oaklore Forest

Just Released

  • New World Map!
  • 4th of July and Canada Items
    Including fireworks that you can click on to activate — BOOM! Mini Cannon pet, Explosive Rocket Backpack, Iron Maple Leaf Axe, 4 new cloaks, and more…
  • New Housing Interface & Improvements
  • Valencia now sells more House Item Slots
  • Statues and other new house items available
  • Sneeviltron added to /join boxes
    (He is the first monster to drop a house item. 1% drop)
  • New login screen (pretty!)
  • Mega Project Project Progress update

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  2. Can you put me on your blogroll? I put you on mine.

  3. Hey Lordoc, I’m changing my blogging subject from CP to AQW. Do you want to join my blog so we can work together? Thanks.


  4. i upgraded my account in june the 12 and im not a member

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