Be the first to own your own place in AQWorlds! In this initial housing release you can buy one of four models of house and customize it with over 120 new house items. Invite your friends over and do not forget to enter you new place in our in our House Decorating Contest on the forum (Just started!)

A special note to Free Players
Hey guys! I am really sorry that there are so few free player items available in the housing release. This was not done to upset you, but because of the huge number of free player accounts (over 8.5 million) it was just too much storage space for all the houses, items, and room customization. We care about you and all of the other players which is why we have new great releases coming that will make everyone happy. Until then, we hope that you will choose to upgrade your account getting full access to housing and help support the growth of AQWorlds.

New Mage Robes!
Mercuria has brought four new styles of mage robes which are now available in the Battleon shop.

  • Molten Robe
  • Zephyr Robe
  • Terra Robe
  • Typhoon Robe

The Teleportation of Battleon
See the new cutscenes! On Friday in a live event over 28,000 magic wielding players combined their power and cast the world’s largest spell — and teleported the town of Battleon! See what happened next and get a peak at the Second Lord(s) of Chaos by watching all the three of the recently released cutscenes now available in Warlic’s Magic Shop. Oh.. and this is not over yet!

Available Now
We have been working hard to make the game better for you ever week. Here are some of the features added recently!

  • Player Housing
  • Warpforce Heavy Gunner Skystalker is in town
  • Max Bank slots increased by 20! (Now 40)
  • Book of Lore Update: ACHIEVEMENT BADGES!
  • Player Inspired Item Shop (In Yulgar’s Inn)
  • Dart Board (In room #2 of Yulgar’s Inn)
  • New Canned Chat Phrases & Emotes
  • 3 New cutscenes setting the stage for what is about to happen NEXT!

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