Happening RIGHT NOW!

3:45pm Warlic placing constructing teleportation circles around Battleon. This is where you will stand while casting the spell…. this is going to be so close!
3:45pm We have 40% of the Elemental Flux needed…. 
3:30pm We only have 30% of the Elemental Flux needed
3:30pm The Meteors have gained speed!
2:00pm Mercuria opened up a mage robe shop where everyone is collecting Elemental Flux in /join warelemental

The Teleportation of Battleon
This is a call to every magic user in the land! Two huge meteors are going to hit our home town of Battleon and destory is. We need your help! Speak to Warlic to find out the latest….


Join us as we combine our power and cast the biggest spell the world has ever seen. We are going to levitate the town up, ripping it out of the ground, and then teleport it to a safe location in GreenGuard forest. 

Solution… to Teleport the ENTIRE town?

Player Owned Houses!
Coming right after the big spell… be the first to own your own place in AQWorlds! (Look at the bright side — if the spell does not work we will need some new place to live.) In our first release you can buy one of four models of house and customize it with over 120 new house items. Invite your friends over and enter your house in our House Decorating Contest on the forum (It will hav etons of categories and prizes.) 

House model Sneak peak!
Haunted House, Villa, Cottage and Tutor

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