Contest Winner For 2000 Coins!

Okay, the contest winner is a commenter named ”Canon” He refreshed the site 2,343 times!!! Thanks for participating everyone, I sent him an E-mail witch will need to be replied in 5 days.  If not I will pick someone else. Anyways, another contest will be coming next month somewhere. But it wont be a refreshing contest. It will be a commenting contest! Well, hope you stay tuned… BYE!

UPDATE: Some of you guys said you refreshed 1000000000… That is not true. If  you really did, YOU NEEDED TO WAIT! Not just refresh, only 6,000 refreshes I got from this contest. So that’s how I know you are lying…

One Response

  1. im never telling you my pass and user u can do anything to it psst..

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