Thanks for Making It Happen!!!

Okay Guys,

Thanks for helping me get to 100,000 Hits!  I had worked really hard for you guys. But I am currently not working as hard as I used to. Thats because I have no time and my computer doesnt allow me to log on to wordpress or navigate to other sites. Why you may ask??? Because I DON’T KNOW! I am sorry. My mom said she was going to fix it but when? I use my uncle’s computer sometimes… But when my computer fixes I will give more Artix Entertaiment cheats! But I will need help from you guys. I currently need some partners and Helpers that investigate the game. All of my helpers will have spots of “Authors” but now I will be doing AQWorlds. Please keep checking this site. I will be updating it when I can…





7 Responses

  1. Hey lordoc it’s aslen. I will help you post if you add me to your blogroll. it’s
    Thank you

  2. wooooooooooooooo 1st comment

  3. okay lordoc ill help you i can go on the computer everyday and post updates time and time again:)

  4. i can help you lordoc!
    its me linku

  5. how do u get the cadr thing because i want it O_O

  6. alo i was truly glad that you made this contest this will give the players the opportunity to win that upgrade anyone who deserves that upgrade card is so very lucky and i want it to ca you make me win the contest

  7. Cool men need the code of the upgrade card please send to me mail byebye

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