Something wicked this way…

Huge number of things just released Visit the mage Warlic in the magic shop. He has a bone chilling secret to share with you about the 2nd Lord of Chaos. Meanwhile there has been a major Book of Lore update — who will be the first to unlock all of their badges?


Drakath is about to do something… terrible…

Just Released!

  • Warpforce Heavy Gunner Skystalker is in town
  • Max Bank slots increased by 20! (Now 40)
  • Book of Lore Update: ACHIEVEMENT BADGES!
  • Player Inspired Item Shop (In Yulgar’s Inn)
  • Dart Board (In room #2 of Yulgar’s Inn)
  • Father’s Day Shop
  • New Canned Chat Phrases & Emotes
  • New cutscene which <gulps> reveals the upcoming on-time-only world event!
  • Tons of new armors and weapons!


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