Rulers Of Darkness

Hey Guys! Okay, I had been waiting for this. This is so you guys can join my clan.. All you have to do is send me an E-mail with

 1. Character Name & Link Page

2. Email…

3. lvl you are in (Must Be lvl 13+ To Join )

4. Member Or Non Member???

5. Create an AIM, or MSN and send me your screen name or E-mail for MSN…

Comment on this page and send me the info, If you don’t comment and send me the E-mail I wont let you join… Well, just comment!!! When I get the chance we will stay in touch and wow we will have so much fun…

22 Responses

  1. I want 2 be in tha clan im not a member im a level 8

  2. i want too, but i am level 13, and not member, but i am brasilian(:

    Lordoc: Yeah you can join…

  3. I want to be in the clan i’m non member lvl 20

    Lordoc: It all now depends on your email…

  4. Hi dude! I am a lvl 15 but i am not a member if you wanna see my character page this is it.And this is my email address.

  5. my character name is Yash100

  6. My character name is Yash100

    My character page url is

    My level is 20

    My email is

    Non Member

  7. 1-Name: Naifbigz, Char Page:


    3-Level: 20


  8. dont accept the old comment i dont want anybody to see my email
    just see it and when will i join

  9. Email –

    A Alternative non Member Player (from good to bad and vice-versa) on Lv. 12 (as soon as I’m 13, I tell ya and join the clan, k?)

    Just 1 question, where’s ur Email?
    Or do u plan to send a Message so we get the ur Email that way?

  10. i want to join your gruop im a level 13

  11. ya i want to be in tha clan
    and i have a aim

  12. email me

  13. i want to be the clan im not mem and im only lvl 3 but genius

  14. my other account is lvl 18 but someone hacked it plz add me in the clan

  15. wow iv been waitin for an oppurtunity like this im 13 non mem and really want to join but exactly wat is ur email?

  16. im lvl 11 and non member but i have 2 lvl 10 armors and a lvl 7 armor and i have really cool armor. so i would really like to join ur clan but i dont know ur e-mail but if you dont could you at least get me 2000 adventure coins, it would b greatly appreciated.

    my e-mail is

  17. hi lordoc im a lvl 15 member,can i join plz?

  18. im level 13 i want to join your clan but im not upgrade

  19. 1-Name: pekingston, Char Page:



    can i join ?

  20. Can I join, I am lvl 3 but I am genius.

  21. BTW, I am JoeyJiayi and the other one is Joeylim

    3. LV.3 but genius

    4.Non Member

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