These just came in…

These just came in…
This is getting out of control.
It always seems to start with someone making an off the wall comment on the forums. The next thing you know it becomes a major movement where players band together and brainstorm to force Death’s hand and bring back the undead from the.. um… un-dead-dead? Then comes the T-shirt…

Save Chuckles

Yup! The few we had made will be available tomorrow… and if you get one, it will unlock the in-game “Skull of Chuckles”. Yes, it does the laugh whenever anyone clicks on it, “Eeeehheheheheheeeeeeee” and it also starts a quest chain which will take you and your friends to… DEATH.

Game Engine Upgrade!
Zhoom just released a new version of the game engine. While there are many cool updates in there, my favorite is now…

Space bar makes you jump!
Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop!

The Book of Lore
Cysero is a HUGE fan of Achievements & Badges. Right now he is helping re-structure the Book of Lore to show and display achievements for you. We could use some help coming up with achievements… want to help?

6 Responses

  1. What is the code for chuckles pet you get with t-shirt?

  2. man labai patinka sis game

  3. OMG!! i a ms o glad i found your site about aq cheats i would really need your help im only a level 9 mage rank 10 and i would really like to use some cheats thank you!

  4. Are there any more updates if yes then please post more, thank you.

  5. can i be in your clan i love this website and i want to help

    my email is

    im level 8 because i hav a better acount but i forgot the username and password

    my username is moglinpunter126 and here is my character page

  6. Wow, thats nice…

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