Cuztomize Your Armor

Okay, if you want to change your armor just go to Yulgar upstairs. Than click this following button…

Armor Cuztomize Once you’ve clicked it you will get an option to change the colors!!!

Thanks to Aslen for helping me out…

17 Responses

  1. no problem

  2. how can you customize your armor?and which armors can be customized?

  3. its all a lie

  4. please answer dude

  5. it’s not a lie! to do it goto yulgar’s shop
    go into the hair cut place and there is a tab that says armour customize. click that but you have to be wairing the gurdian armour.

  6. nothing happens 😦

  7. The armor doesnt actually change color, Iv tried it. But i think that its a pretty good idea though!

  8. Thats aload of B S !

  9. the armour dsnt change color!!! thats a load of crap!

  10. only certain armor can change colors !

  11. Heyy i have a amor but its not working what amor do you need !

  12. do u have to be mem

  13. i know that

  14. it only works to the armor that have (color customizable)in the description of the armor.. gets??

  15. it doesent work¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i tryed it but it wont work

  17. Does it work with ninja armor?

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