Quibble Coinbiter

The Traveling Sales Moglin Returns
Now that I think of it… the last time we saw Quibble was right before the 1st Chaos Lord appeared. He knew a little too much about what was going to happen. Then after a weekend of peddling his NEVER BEFORE SEEN used weapons*. I wonder if he will know anything about the next Lord of Chaos? Villagers have spotted Quibble Coinbiter walking towards the town of Battleon dragging a huge chest. What items will be in there? He should arrive tomorrow!


* Yes, you read that right. Thanks to a slightly corrupt Time Travel Fairy, Quibble sells used items that had been released waaaaay in the future. It hurts our brains just thinking about it. Some bounty hunters are chasing Quibble for just this reason.

One Response

  1. when does quibble leave?

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