How Mana Affects Your Rate???

“”Words Of Scitfitroll””

Rumor: If you don’t use skills while fighting a boss then the drop rate increases.

Fact: Not using skills does not increase the drop rate for quest items or other items.

I’ve tested this rumor several different times because of the insistence some people have about its truth. I was farming the skeleton mages at /portalundead and a player became quite annoyed with me because I kept using my skills. I stated quite clearly that using skills does not decrease the drop rate and withholding skills does not increase the drop rate of those precious fire gems.

If you don’t believe me, attack a boss or monster 200 times, 100 while using skills and 100 without using skills. You will find out that the two are about the same. Numbers tell the truth.

So let’s kill this rumor now. Using skills increases the speed of kills which increases the likelihood of a drop, not the other way around.

4 Responses

  1. this is realy useful seriouly

  2. cud u geth enithing ther i wazent der

  3. How you get to make the mage Warlic to tell you the secong secret dark lord?How?!

  4. add me on email and give me a free upgrade in adventure quest worlds

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