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  1. cool contest

  2. i did it 700 times already:)

    Lordoc: You need to let it load…

  3. how do you know i didnt?

  4. how do you know i didnt?
    even thou i did

    Lordoc: Because I have a program and I checked my stats and nothing like that happened… Trust me I am the admin of this website I will know…

  5. Im going to refresh it a lot

  6. I’m in 😉

  7. im in

    i love this game so much and this website tells me everything about aq worlds it is AWESOME

  8. my username is moglinpunter126

  9. ill do it

  10. i did it exactly a hundred times with loading

  11. I’ll try to do this.

  12. What?I dont understand………
    wht does refreshes mean??
    reload the page?
    make it more clearly pls……..
    so i can join…..

  13. I want to win I’ve been doing it a million times. Ps your so cool

  14. im in

  15. i haven’t get the cheat

  16. hoy filipino kaba bigyan mo ako 2.000 coins ha in english give me 2.000 coins thank you

  17. ok, i’m in

  18. i am in

  19. iz the contest tru

  20. this contest roolz

  21. hola las quiero tener

  22. oh yah i’ll do it!

  23. One question: How will you know if one did refresh your blog as many times as they said?

  24. Hey, I love you site, Mind checking mine out?

  25. how to refresh?

    please tell me!!

  26. i am in SO NOW WHAT WE DO

  27. hi im in hope ill get the prize

  28. will i grt the gift as u promised

  29. i am in

  30. im in for sure

  31. your a big fat fag

  32. if you go to war and get about 30 medals hit ther button raly fast and it gives you more
    and dan thats not cool to post online

  33. Aqworlds Free 2,000 Coins!!!
    June 4, 2009

    I decided to do a contest… The winner who refreshes the page the most will get the free 2,000 coins. All you have to do is comment once saying you are in and than refresh or click other posts. You must let it finish loading or it wont acumulate to my comment subscribers… Well, I wish you good luck, There will be other contests so you could win a free aqworlds Membership that means upgrade!!! I wish you good luck!!!


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  34. that is right i made this web

  35. that is right i made this web
    im cool i have sex with men from danielr11 from aqworlds look him up thats what he ssaid

  36. i’m totally in….

  37. well i guess i really want it so im in!!

  38. dude how to get free 2k ACs coin?


  40. i’m in

  41. I WANT TO GET 2,000 AQ COINS!!!!!!!!!!

  42. IM in!!!!

    How do you send us the aq’s?
    HOw do we know this is real?
    And why do you want us to refresh the page!?!??!!

  43. i am in

  44. IM TOTALLY IN!!!

  45. why’s the time always 2:11???

  46. I am in

  47. I’M IN!

  48. hu i did it 1000 times

  49. mine is name:elosoadfan pass:7998096

  50. hey what the heck? I commented yesterday that im in!

    PS-refreshes of me yesterday are saved right?

  51. Can I just comment a bunch of times?

  52. im in

  53. im in but wat do u do

  54. i want a free member i realy want it how do i do it come on help meh pleaze

  55. you are in

  56. I’m in, but how do you tell who wins?

  57. i’ m in

  58. I refreshed it a lot of times and i dunno how many times i refreshed. pls check for me.

  59. cool amazing

  60. hey where is my coins

  61. im so in

  62. im in

  63. just play everyday and you will earn points and exp. and gold

  64. Im in it to win it. I need these coins for my little brothers account and it would be a great present (his b-day is the 24th) thnks

  65. im in

  66. aq coins
    can i have some aq coins please.
    i want some so i can buy a sword and help my friends lv up.

  67. I kindof forgot to say i am in. I refreshed the page allot of times will my refreshes still count?

    Lordoc: Yeah, I checked your IP, and it says you have refreshed the must… With the program I downloaded from wordpress

  68. please… I havent sleeped!!!

  69. pretty please with a cherry on top$$$$$$$$$$$$
    -_- 0_0 >_ )>

  70. ahhh i need aqcoins quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. i will die with out aq coins x_x
    kirby (>o o)>
    U U

  72. this is kirby ___
    (>0 0)>
    U U

  73. i did it


  75. im in
    and i wish i could win

  76. im in

  77. this rocks

  78. im in:)

  79. Im in!

  80. its cool even if i don`t win. Still cool i say

  81. I`m in. What a nice contest!

  82. Cool! I`m in! What a nice contest.

  83. im in

  84. im in…

  85. Im in

  86. 200+900=1100!

  87. cool…

  88. cool contest…

  89. im in… i’ll join

  90. nice contest..how can i do it??

  91. i will refresh the pag for 1 day

  92. i will refresh the page for 1 day

  93. huh… i refresh it sooooo many times i didn’t mind counting it i just refresh it so many times i took 20-50minutes believe me………..our computer is dsl….. so the loading is so fast….just email me ray_pajarito@yahoo.com and my account at aqw is akatsuki jason321……………hope this contest is true…..

  94. i think aqworlds needs more of the world and items that would be cool

  95. i am in

  96. HEY, i hope i win! (my fingers are crosed)!!!!=))

  97. im so in =)

  98. i getting that 200 aqworlds coins.
    for quibbe awesome stuff.

  99. hi i want coins because there is a lot of armor and im11 but still i love thisssssssss game i only play this and not dragonfale or mech quest please let me have the coind pretty please

  100. hi have do 200000 refresh i am not sleeping now

  101. its me numskulz

  102. i am in lordoc !

  103. i got ac coins

  104. help me

  105. Hi I was wondering do you have an alpha pirate account I need an alpha pirate acount.or I’ll pay you some money for you to give me alpha pirate please please please please please -_0

  106. I am in .

  107. I did it 100,000,0000 time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. hey dude im in to win it

  109. hey y r u doin this what about ur account

    Lordoc: Because I like giving stuff to good people, not just me… I think about others…

  110. IS it true cus im iin if it is true????!!!!!!

  111. how do u kno how much we refreshed?

  112. awesome contest

  113. jaek1234
    troy 00

  114. i am ina href=”” title=””>


  115. i’m in

  116. i am in

  117. i am in

  118. I need 10.000 coins

  119. Eu preciso de coins para humilhar os lvls 20

  120. My user name in aqworlds is bazookasword. I the swordhaven axe.I am level 10 rank 10 invite me I will always be on sever twig. I need the dragon slayer armor . You will find me at lair-10999999 PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND BY THE WAY I DID IT FOR 6600000000 TIMES iTLOADS QUICK I AM NOT KIDDING. iT’S TRUE IM IN THE CONTEST . BY THE WAY YOU HAVE SOME PRETTY NICE CHEATS HERE iLOVE IT . cAN YOU POST YOUR USERNAME FOR AQWORLDS HERE i might have met you or have you on my friends list.:p

  121. im in

  122. I want so much coins!!!!!!!!!

  123. i am in

  124. i am in and i am l.v.67 in aq but i am not a member

  125. hi!

  126. how do i get ac?

  127. I am in

  128. I want coins PLZ

  129. ok lordoc its me yousef34 i got hacked by some dude.
    if yopu don´t know who i am i met you in the game but my new acc called yousi34 but if you see yousef34 online tell me what server and yea my acc is lvl 10 but its ok i make it better but please tell me if you see this guy ok?

  130. I like this AQWorlds game..cause..it is bout fighting strong Monster,get new weapon,armor n classes..I also like to have a AC coins..If can i want the Solaris Knight Armor…

  131. I also like to help good people..And to have a great team,to fight the monster together..N win together..

  132. i did it 1000 i swear

  133. meet me at lair sever twilly dragons lair-9999 nnnnnnoooooooooowwwwwwwww please i need help destroying the red dragon 8 times pppppplllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee
    level 10 healer and warrior healer rank4 warrior rank 10




  136. I’m In,N i hope i can get the free 2,000Ac coins n free membership,n i want the free membership because,i like to buy new armors,pets,weapon n lot of things..

  137. ur on im in

  138. LVL 15 HERE! i did it 1000 times i SWEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND I LET IT LOAD:D

  139. LordDOC im in but which server u usually go the most i usually go to safaria

  140. nvm its over

  141. i want the coins

  142. this is my user name im not going to kiss butt but i would like to have the coins…

  143. i wan membership plzzz

  144. plzzz i wan membership in aq worlds its the best game i ever played plzzz i wan membership in aq 4 only a year.

  145. hello

  146. This contest your doing is just to wast peoples time.

  147. I want COINS

  148. I want coins PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  149. COINS (6)

  150. cool

  151. is this for real and how will we get these coins but i guess ill refresh cause iwant that upgrade so badly cause i keep gettin mem items lol

  152. nice contest

  153. cool, im in

  154. how do u know if u win?

  155. i need this

  156. im in

  157. i do it 500 times and wait to load it and do it for one day

  158. Deal! I’ll join!

  159. I’m in!!

  160. hai gosto ko ang aking level 34

  161. oh wow i refreshed the page for about three hours but i am sorry i couldnt count how many times

  162. i am in

  163. i did it

  164. i hope i win

  165. wow i like refreshed this page for like a couple thousand times already

  166. im in

  167. i just want as many ac’s as possible

  168. i’m in

  169. how do u get adq coins for free does any body know omg lol rofl

  170. nice house in aqw lordoc

  171. i hope i can win

  172. a man kool thing u got @t ur cp.

  173. even if we do do it how are u supposed to give us 2000 ac coins anyway???

  174. im in

  175. im in plz let em join plzzzzzzzz

  176. lordoc how do you do it so other ppl can see what you say

  177. ahh contest!!!

  178. sweet i hope i win

  179. i hope i win

  180. cool contest i hope i win

  181. im in bro

  182. AQWorlds server and super !!!!!!!!!! 😉

  183. this is the best aqworlds cheats site

    Lordoc: thanks!

  184. what is url

  185. best cheat

  186. im in

  187. I’m in

  188. awsome!!!! acs and membership

  189. cool adventure quest world is the best i am gonna tell all my friend to join this is awesome and fun ever…

  190. im in!

  191. i hope it works

  192. yeah i wish this is work

  193. i know lordoc never answers me and hes making me angry i voted him and sumbscribe on youytube and here too only cuz i like him and he does not make me mod or soemthing or make mein a constest when its going on

  194. I stopped blogging for AQWorlds because they disabled my account.

  195. yes i did it 900 times

  196. i hope it works

  197. goto this site $6.00 Welcome Survey After Free Registration! just finish some surveys and you will earn REAL MONEY!! use the money to buy coins!

  198. SWeet!

  199. Awesome, This is really mad shit. He actually bought me the Ac coins and membership for free. I sent him my Account with Alpha Pirate, Starsword and Pumpkin lord and Upholder. He didn’t even hack it. Nice man your the bestest!!!

  200. no Problem???

  201. how this thing work??

  202. please i want gold coins so much

  203. how could i get 2000 adventure coins for free in AQWorlds

  204. i am in

  205. when is it going to loud

  206. why don’t you just give us all 2000 adventure coins

  207. i did it 1000 times i let it load and kept refreshing so hand it over

  208. i im
    im totally in

  209. im totally in

  210. Im in

  211. i am in

  212. ello im in already^^

  213. im in guyz

  214. mogloween is awesome

  215. i did it 100 times please give me 2,000 ac coins

  216. i’m in

  217. hi guyz enjoy your gamez,.
    keep on jaming,. >:{

  218. i’ll do ittttttt.

  219. give meeeee 2,000 cions

  220. i wanna win cuz i am mad about that upgrade upgrade

  221. screw dis shi

  222. im in

  223. yohoo i refresh 8 billion times thx for this competition

  224. thx for this cometition now i am a member with 13367445 acs and my gold coins in clubpenguin is 229880055

  225. yay now my acs is 7833345 and my gold coin is 255467998

  226. i can get you alot of coins for free if you email me your user and pass i swear here is my email lovekilsslowly@hotmail.com you can add me

  227. plss give me some coins plss i realy need it plss have mercy plsss very plssss cause my character is very poor and there some cool itemz that must be buy so plsss thank u!!!!!!

    sige na phinge naman ng coins ang language na ito ay katulad sa lahi ni paqciao!!!!!!!!

    yabono ka kiokio ka!!! pang muslim

    pang hatag mog coins!!! language bisaya!

  228. is nice

  229. i don’t understand ….

  230. please i realy need acs my acc verry poor pleaseeeeeeee

  231. please give me acs on aqworlds

  232. i realy want acs
    please my acc got only 5 from ballyhoo please give me acs

  233. i love aqworlds please please please give me acs moderator i realyyyyyyyyyyyy love aqworlds n aqworlds gets so many new things but they acs that why i realy wantm acs please give me

  234. I’m in please give me ACs thanks.

  235. I refreshed this page like a million times now.

  236. Man,i want COINS!

    im in ^^

  237. im reallreally in

  238. me too ive done it over 7000 t5imes and no lye

  239. yo can i get some of dem acs plz

  240. yo i love the game and can i really have those 2000 acs plz plz plz plz

  241. i love aqworlds and i need ACs

  242. i need that coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plz plz plz plz plz plz
    I’m level 19
    i have coins but i need more

  243. i never had ac before,but i really need acs, your the best in the whole world,plz i beg u

  244. I need so much that coins i del ont have coins and i am level 6 need it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  245. I need so much that coins!! Becouse i dont have coins i am level 6 and i need it so much!!!

  246. this is bullcrap it aint workin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. i am a lvl 12 with 500,000 coins 0 ac’s i am free player and i have no inventory spaces left in house or backpack. i play runescape and i have 3 royal beds in house. im rich and i have 2 rank 10 classes 1 rank 9 1 rank 5 and 1 rank 1. if you need tips on making money on runescape or aqworlds.. go to http://www.runescapechaos.webs.com and post a comment on what you want… it will really help! thanx… Rick

  248. Hi im trying to get free AC coins but i can’t do it

  249. u think 500,000 coins is alot, thats nothing.
    i have 2mill. when i sell items i dont get any money for them.
    its basically the max ammount of gold

  250. I Wan Acs Wewe =)=)=)=)yay whoo hoo

  251. there is no such thing as free ac coins just go ballyhoo everyday and try to get ac that is how i got 55 ac but of cause there is a cheat u need to do first

  252. i want acs not member
    i want 500 acs…

  253. i need the coin the$$$$

  254. plz plz plz plz give me the coin!!!

  255. i want never to be member me to i want the coin!!!

  256. i want the 2,000 coin!!!

  257. i are in level 66!!!!!!!!!

  258. i ha ve a code to a shop in battelon an in the shop is a sword the sword=10 gold!!! the code is oicu812

  259. not acode is a special code!!!

  260. mi accolnt e name;ricariq123456 pass;qko1234


  261. is this really reu, if it is ill join

    thank bro you made this contest, now i have hope again in playing aqw
    my username JeckoKnight

  262. i need a lot of coins because there are lot of items that are coins

  263. i want many coins as posible pls.

  264. I want it! plz………….

  265. im want get 3000 coins adventure quest worlds, now !

  266. im want 1500 coin adventurequest worlds, now !!!

  267. i want 50000 acs on aqworlds

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