Rolith goes to E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo
Our very own code berserker, Rolith, is currently attending E3. It has always been a dream of Rolith’s to go, so we are really happy to send him… where as you read this is is wandering aimlessly and drooling over all the new goodies that are coming out. He promised to take lots of pictures for us — more on this later!Happy Anniversy to Alpha Testers!
Many games might not celebrate the anniversary of their Alpha launch. But it was a special* time for us with so many great memories. There is something about the Alpha/Beta experience that just cannot be duplicated**. That is, unless we do something new… and we will…. in fact, after Stats & Housing are live***, we will start preparing the AQWorlds PvP Alpha! That is something we are all looking forward too! Meanwhile, this week’s release is going to be our largest map in AQWorlds featuring a very different quest chain that we know you will enjoy!

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