Aworlds Tool Bar

Hey Guys!

There is a new aqworlds tool bar, Don’t have time to download it but here is a quick picture of how it looks like. Well I hope you download it!!! Click the Picture to get the toolbar…

AQWorlds Tool Bar

10 Responses

  1. hi there
    i downloaded the aqworlds toolbar but no matter how many times i use the yahho search,i don’t get even a single aqcoin.wat do i do?

  2. i cant get the toolbar i have tried everything please help me

  3. lol u wait i have got about 10 ac coins in 2 days f the bar XD

  4. using the bar*

  5. i tried it and i searched for 4 hours and not even a coin, (4 hours= 100 searches)

  6. check this out its rad its my first time making one /Users/isaiah/Desktop/DLofdoom.jpg and /Users/isaiah/Desktop/5w1015542u_Capture.png
    maybe for aqworlds

  7. just type what p there in on the top

  8. i heard you have to search stuff important

  9. how i can get the ac i don’t know how pls tell me…

  10. i cant acs even though i searched lik 300 times

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