Char Page Background Update

I just checked my char page because its getting about 150 views a  day because people click the picture on the side bar –>. Anyways, they had added some cool background (Battleon) and it’s abailable to all players! Anyways, I picked a good friend to post his picture here. I will be using “Fan” examples. So, I wont be posting only about my Char, I will be picking friends so they can be on the blog. Anyways, I picked a good friend fro Viewers Class, his name is Aslen…


Yours Might be here if you comment allot & post your rank to “The Viewers Class Page”

6 Responses

  1. Yeah, I love the new char bg =]

  2. thanks for puting my picture here!

  3. where did he got that hydra armor thingy? its awesome!! i only got the the hydra helm,staff,and sword!.that account is awesome!

  4. cool armor! hey lordoc! where did he got the cool hydra armor?

  5. Hi! I need some ACs! Can u give me some ACs? Im level 20

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