1st Lord of Chaos Boss Fight!

Realeasing on Friday
Tomorrow we enter the Tower and face the dreaded Battlemage Escherion. He is the 1st Lord of Chaos and wields the extremely dangerous Staff of Inversion! The fate of everyone we have met during this adventure depends on the outcome of your battle…. take these last moments to train and prepare yourself for AQWorld’s first major Boss Fight!


12 Responses

  1. Hey, I love your blog, mind adding mine to your blogroll, if I add yours?

  2. hi…

  3. your website about aqworlds is cool

  4. can anybody tell me how to fight eschorion

  5. you will need about 7 people to fight escherion and 3 or 2 people to fight staff of inversion and but you need level 9 or more to survive.

  6. u r awsome do u hav upgrade i do u r weaker than me no offence

  7. Im level 20

  8. im level 8

  9. im level 23 i beat first lord of chaos have the staff of inversion have helm of dark lord have dark crusader have big 100k……………… i basically beat the whole game you can have my account user name: hotgirl234 password:sex girl perv.

  10. we are DEAD

  11. i m a level 9 mage

  12. i am a level 60 warrior,but i dont know much about adventure quest worlds

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