With only minutes to spare!

Secrets of Escherion
We know very little of the 1st Lord of Chaos. What we do know will barely help us in the coming battle. He is a Battlemage. His terrifying staff seems to have the power to invert anything he points it at. So be very careful entering his tower to do battle with him. He may just use the staff to invert you*! The staff is itself is really troubling. Have you seen it? It looks almost like it is looking around** when he holds it. Could it be alive? You better pay special attention to it if you choose to enter his chamber and face him one on one this Friday night!

* You know, find out what a hero is really made of. Visually.
** Talking about looking at things… do not forget about theART CONTEST!

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  1. what do i do to enter the tower?…

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