AQWorlds Community Forum- Join Now!

I want you to please join my forum. I will be giving away a free membership and 2,000 coins for contest! But first we need to get 200 “REGISTER USERS” This site gets about 900 UNIQUE Visitors, so please join. We also need 20,000 posts so I  GIVE IT AWAY. Click The Following Banner To Join!
ForumbannerI know its s simple Banner, but please click the picture to join, Here are the steps…

1. Click Register ANYWHERE YOU SEE IT!

EX: Register

2. CLICK “I Agree to these terms

3. Summit your settings, username, Password, etc…

4. Read the rules, and start posting!

2 Responses

  1. Thanks dude for the comments. And no he didnt take emmo gee. He is just a big baby and dosent go on msn as much as he should…but I suppose thats life! Also please comment that penguins password? Im a rare penguin collector! xD

  2. You should make this a sticky post so more people will join

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