Here is a really good recomendation… Leave your rare items at the bank. Why you may ask? Because sometimes you get a item you don’t like and than sell it. I am telling you this because I took many items from the bank and sold them, Must of them where rare! Like the ones from the Super Bawl. I also sold many items from events that might not bring back the items. So, please… keep your rare items at the bank, just buy some slots its worth it… Well, CYA GUYS!

Bank Slots

(I will have a page called: Items- Shown all items, clicked by it, its going to take you to an image…)

4 Responses

  1. An excellent recommendation. I bought 15 bank slots for that very reason. I am sick at some of the rares I’ve sold away, like the Jester costume.

  2. Cooool. Pity non members cant have a bank. Also did you see the armour you get killing the Hydra? Its awesome!!!

  3. um i am not member and i got no ac coins

  4. gay hese answers do not work!

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