The Hydra, Darkness Dragon, and Good/Evil Items

Coming Today
The Hydra, Darkness Dragon, and Good/Evil Items
Ready to battle the 1st Lord of Chaos? The only thing between him and us is… OMG!!!!!!! Did he unleash the Hydra from the Lake? If you are not caught up on the Valley of Chaos storyline — what are you waiting for. ALL zones including today’s Hydra Boss fight release will be available for all players with today’s release.


Also this week, a special Darkness Dragon pet will be making it’s debut at Aria’s Pet Shop. In Swordhaven and Shadowfall new good and evil items are being added.

Good: Rune Sword, Crystal Claymore, Star Caster Staff, Angel Axe of Light, Chaos Mace

Evil: Dark Rune Sword, Dark Crystal Claymore, Black Star Caster Staff, Dark Angel Axe of Shadow, Chaos Mace.

The story… continued!
The brave warrior knew he could not slay the Hydra with his blade. For the heads grew back and made the beast even more powerful. So he dared using forbidden rune magic. The story is too horrible to tell… but know this… he imprisoned the Hydra under the lake with the magic. They key to locking the Hydra in place was the rune covered Runix Cube. To ensure the Hydra would never be released from its watery prison below the lake, he split the Runix cube into three pieces. These pieces were scattered hoping that we would be safe from the unstoppable beast for eternity….if ever it were to escape, it would grow in power until it destoryed the whole world!

5 Responses

  1. where can i go there cause i go there i get inside the invert tower

  2. where is the hydra? how do u get there?

  3. I know where. But where’s the dragon fang

  4. ?/

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