Thursday… Speargun!

Quest: It is time for Thursday’s rare item hunting quest! If you find a Rare Unidentified Weapon… bring it to me. It might just be a Speargun! (Note: You must have this quest in order to get the R.U.W 10%)

Items Location: Kuro at River

Items Needed To Finish Quest: 1 Rare Unidentified Weapon

25 Responses

  1. […] Thursday Speargun By aslen Thursday… Speargun! […]

  2. THANX

  3. how many times do i have to fight him ?

  4. how long does it take

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to hard to get

  6. hard to get

  7. how many times u have to kill kuro???????

  8. i am so lucky i only fought 15 kuro then i got the speargun

  9. I’m not that lucky,i had to fight 39 time to get that speargun

  10. i killed him 10 fliping times

  11. i kill kuro 50 time but it never give me the speargun quest

  12. How many do you need to kill? I mean, I killed him about 20-30 times but he never gives me something?


  13. i am so lucky i have to kill kuro 10 times

  14. ha ha i killed kuro 1 time and got speargun

  15. i killed him for 4 hours to get it

  16. the kuro had 500 hp and then i kill it i got a speargun

  17. … 150 kills and counting…

  18. i have no damage and i got the speargun

  19. i have a cheat you want go to

  20. joke only be happy

  21. i killed him 100 times and still did not get one!

  22. omg!!!!!!!!!!

  23. cmon kuro wont drop it its been 6th kill… going on…

  24. i got it i kill him 8 times

  25. poop

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