Wednesday… Faerie Sai

Go to valencia at Battleon and click the quest “Wednesday… Faerie Sai”, it will say… I love to collect rare things! Battle the monsters in the Guru Forest, the Graveyard and in Lolosia to recover the 6 jewels of Zentaria: Red, Blue, Green, Clear, Yellow and Purple! Bring one of each to me and I will construct a Bejeweled Blade just for you!

The Items Location: Cyclops Warlord at Slugfit and Faerie.

You need 1 Rare Unidentified Broom to finish the quest.

8 Responses

  1. picture

  2. I was asking about FAERIE SAI,not the Bejeweled Blade and the Broom Of Doom

  3. who do i fight to get the faeire sai

  4. what where is pic?? and why is there broom of doom and stuff?

  5. ummm im bored

  6. to get it you fight cyclops war lord

  7. i have a clan named wing killers you need to talk and have wings

  8. some1 said to me that u get it at the spider at faerie.

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