Tuesday… Broom of Doom!

Go to valencia at Battleon and click the quest “Tuesday… Broom of Doom!”, it will say… It is time for Tuesday’s rare item hunting quest! If you find a Rare Unidentified Broom… bring it to me. It might just be a Broom of Doom! (Note: You must have this quest in order to get the R.U.Broom)Item

The Items Location: Abaddon at Twilight


You need 1 Rare Unidentified Broom to finish the quest.

20 Responses

  1. Is it just Abaddon at Twilight or can we also get it from the Dreadspider? I mean, why would AQW commit genocide? XD lol. I’m not giving up without a fight! I’m willing to spend three hours on the broom this time. LOL

    BTW Lordoc, you putting my link on your blogroll is doing wonders for my blog. Thank you so much! ^_^

  2. hello lordoc,thnx 4 the help i thought it was rd drag

  3. Hey Lordoc! can u still goto twilight even though ur not a mem?

    Lordoc:just go ot marsh than…

  4. Sooooo…………Twilight zone isn’t a member place???

  5. THANK YOU 🙂

  6. the broom is a stupid dissapointment that the faggy mkers made and put in because their all high and mighty….oooooooooooo, big fuckin woopdy doo da! you created a mmorpg that 3.5%of the united states plays… im seriously dissapointed that theyd do that solumnly because i used to look up to them… and another thing that pisses me off is that i supported them from the beginning of aq (original adventure quest) and they dont give us guardians the respect we deserve…

  7. god!….. its only for the freakin members………………. X\

  8. Can the broom drop from the werewolf? When i was in aqworldswiki it said can be. is it true?

  9. the room twilight is for mem only!!

  10. where is abbadon and does it have to be at midnight?

  11. u can get the broom from werewolf and dark witch too

  12. really?

  13. wat the hell?!!!!!!!!!!! members only (Upgrade Expired!)
    well that aint fair

  14. again ……………. why did i join a usa game!!!!!!!!!! now i cant get upgrade……. only if someone gave us a way to get free membership!

  15. can you get the broom of doom from the dreadspider? if you cant that is crappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. where do you go to fight man

  17. plz tell me??????????????

  18. cmon da twilight is for members can we fight the dread spider

  19. uhhh ppl i got broom from a little measly orc

  20. hey i have a question , is true the werewolf drop the broom of doom too? , i think yes , if not , the broom of doom question quest is it for mems , so , im sure the were wolf drop the broom of doom too.

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