Monday… Bone Mace!

Go to battleon, Than talk to Valencia and do the quest. It will say: It is time for Monday’s rare item hunting quest! If you find a Rare Unidentified Mace… bring it to me. It might just be a Bone Mace! (Note: You must have this quest in order to get the R.U.M. 10%

The items location is at: Red Dragon in Dragon Lair


You need 1 Rare Unidentified Sword to finish the quest and get the

20 Responses

  1. cool

  2. […] May 5, 2009 (CLICK HERE TO GET THE BONE MACE) […]

  3. how do you get the bone mace??????

  4. how many kills?

  5. if you ever see nascar man at aq then ask him to be your friend

  6. hello, im a level 4 and i killed the red dragon 2 times but i didnt get anything !

  7. the red dragon do not drop a rare mace ,where i can find the bone mace

  8. there is no way I can EVER defeat the red dragon,how can I find the bone mace now?

  9. It does not drop evry time, its 10% drop rate.

    – Kenny6

    See you on AQ worlds. Where else?

  10. wtf been killin this god damn dragon for 3 hours straight are you sure he drops it ???????!!!!!!

  11. first take the daily quest from Valencia then /join lair when you are there go to red dragon then kill him till you get the quest item then go to battleon and turn in your ques to Valenciat and she will give you bone mace !!! /oscar Oops dont forget its rare! Rare = really hard to get !

  12. the orc is the one who drop it the dragon gives the liquid hot magama axe my character is called beizer

  13. Dude why does liquid hot magma axe look like?

  14. The Orc Warrior DROPS THE BONE MACE…noobs… i already have it

  15. what does it look like?

  16. which beast do u fight to get bone mace i dont care if u say it changes i want to know any way

  17. Where is the ORC fort or do u mean HORC

    And it USED to be from the dragon; its now a boss either from the horcs or orcs… idk xD

  18. which orc warrior

  19. pls. make me a memeber

  20. witch orc????????????????????????????????????????????

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