Lordy Pokeplushie???- Random Post

WOW!!! I was really amazed after I checked this Poke Widget. I went to Pokeplushies official website about two months ago and adopted a Poke thing to post it on my widget. I took it out of my Widgets because it never growed. NOW! I am lucky that I keep a safe page of all my History HTML’s (Page Private) and saw that my Pokeplushie was level 305! U guys might remember that This Pokeplusie used to get at least 20 levels a day but never came out of the pokeball. Anyways, I decided to post it back because its at level 305 and he looks cool (Purple color rocks!). And I got a medal! Anyways, addopt one and Post the HTML on your website!

Help Lordy Grow Up

Click Here To Feed Lordoc’s Lordy!

Get your own at PokePlushies!

2 Responses

  1. Ok i really want some ac because im 12 and my mom wont buy them so i ask u of that and also i need help with a quest (Bone mace) Get bakj tooo me i love ur site

  2. Also im lvl 15

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