AQWorlds News Letter- PVP Comes This Summer

Check here to see this cool short video about battling mother’s Day.

The Ruins of Cornelis  open to all players … and just in time!  New quests, a new minigame and fantastic new cutscenes await you in your quest to gain entrance into the Tower of Relativity!

There is a special Mother’s Day shop opening in Battleon for the week!  Say Thanks to Mom, and enjoy the 2 neat weapons and the VERY cool Fairy Godmother pet!

Speak with Valencia in the town of Battleon. She will have a new rare item hunt for you each day of the week– That means 7 different rare items for you to collect!

Would you like your friends to earn you some gold and exp while you are offline? Refer other players to AQW using a special link… and if someone uses that link to sign up, you will get bonus gold and experience based on the amount your friends earned each day. The best part is, if your friend becomes an upgraded member, you will get 250 AdventureCoins! Log into the Account Manager on our home page and click on “Refer Friends.”

We have added a special room inside Castle Swordhaven with three new NPCs from our other games with one shop each. If you have verified your upgrade in any of our other games: DragonFable, MechQuest, AdventureQuest you can access the appropriate NPC(s) to access special shops for items from that game! Future enhancements to the armors in this shop include: full classes with skills and color customizability.

Sats: Power up your character through the adventures that are coming!

Player housing and castles: We are hoping to have these ready this summer!
PvP and Guilds:  Sometime after housing is released we plan to add these 2 awesome features, which promise to amp up the fun of AQW for many players!

The Art of MechQuest: Our first-ever book is coming soon, which will include concept art, how to draw pages, and even a special code to unlock a rare new mecha!

Battle on!
Cysero & the AQW Team

P.S. Save Chuckles!
P.S.S. If you did not get that.. be sure to read my design notes. Join the movement!
P.S.S.S. I know it is supposed to be P.P.P.S but I like more the other way because is sounds like “Pssssss hey… over here!” (Somewhere in the far distance my old English Teacher is pretending to hang her head in shame while trying not to laugh.)

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  2. cant wait for pvp

  3. Do you now how to speak in there tell if you gnow

  4. cant w8 till pvp im a lvl 16

  5. your comment is awaiting moneration

  6. people add me on msn … please presoso lot to learn to speak in aqworlds…my msn

  7. coool i cant wait

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