Golden Badge- Party Update

Credits to Kuyerjudd

Okay, This is just an edit of my last post that was taken here. I now know what the badge stands for. If you ask someone else to join your party and he says yes, you will get a Golden Badge. It’s like a shield others use. Anyways, If you like having party, you will like it better. This is something really old someone else told me for about two months ago, But if you type “/p” and type something… Other players will see your message even if they are in another place like if you are in Battleon and they are at Yulgar, they will read it. Tell them to type “/p hi” or something so it saves. 

Thing On Top

Also, I have seen that many people had been adding me to their blogroll’s Just to tell you that, I appreciate it and I will add you back if I  see myself in your links.

5 Responses

  1. Hiya there! This is quite an impressive blog you have here. Kudos! 😀 Anyway, the badge signifies leadership in a party. The leader is usually the one who had invited people on the party; or an invitee promoted to the ranks of the leader of the party. Hope I helped. Battle On!

  2. Lol. Looks like Kuyerjudd is the man with the knowingness. I learned it from him also.

  3. Lol. Glad I could help. 😀 btw, I joined your forum! I think you did a great job with it. Kudos again, my friend!

  4. Yeah, Thanks you too. I will be commenting and checking your websites too…

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