1st Lord of Chaos

(Credits to Scifitroll)

Okay, there will be a new release for members to try and sneak into the Chaos Lord’s Tower of Relativity. Non-members get ready! You are about to be amazed but… Artix said all players will have a chance to check the “Ruins”. Anyways, There will be a new release coming up next monday. The release is about the Mothers Day. It’s just to get us into the spirit of Mothers day. There will be a shop for Members to buy. I know there will be for Non-members too.

Also check this picture. I know where you can get the helmet. Its located at (/join yulgar) The item is called Metal Greek Corinthian. Go see, it will look similar.


I am guessing his name is Escherion, (Picture’s Tittle)

5 Responses

  1. with or without hood?

  2. Without.

  3. I love aq worlds

  4. Me too

  5. I love aqworlds very much!!
    I play aqworlds every day

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