Fire Gem

Hey Guys!

As you may know, Fire Gem has been History on AQWorlds. Many people still talk about it. Thanks to it I got to 2,000,000 ever since I had not been able to try it because they changed it. Back then when the mission was new, it used to give 200,000 Gold. That was really allot. And I tried it and go to 2,075,000.

Lots Of Gold

Now I try it and its harder to get ot 2,000,000 but still you can get good results. I had been trying it for 30 minutes and got over 320,000. I know, I am quick but its cool. Here is how you do it.

1. Go to (/Join portalundead)

2. Accept the girls quest “Fire Gem”

3. Finish the quest (It will take about 3-4 minutes to get Fire Gem or less)

4. Sell the sword you get from the quest “Burn It Down”

You will be about 12,500 Gold from it and than you keep doing it…

Fire Gem It’s white because I edited it.

Note: You will be getting about 40,000 every 10 minutes thanks to Fire Staff, If you get it, Quickly sell it so it comes back again.

6 Responses

  1. I absolutely agree. If you want to farm gold, the Fire Gem quest is the best. It is also suitable for low-level players, so anyone can do it.

  2. I find it pretty hard to get though 😐

  3. I’m going to go try it though…

  4. where is portel un dead???

  5. i cant find portelundead

    Lordoc: You need to do the story line…

  6. where is fire gem

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