Mini Grenwog!

Hey Guys! You guys remember Grenwog? If he gave you the item in a bag called “Grenwog’s Tooth” You can go enhance it to level 1 for 0 gold and you will have a mini Grenwog. This guys is cool yo, LOL, So awesome. Anyways, take a look at my Grenwog.

Good Boy

I am just kidding, that’s just its mother. It’ located at “/join grenwog” 

This is my real Grenwog. Not cool dudesss, don’t lough! 

Mini Grenwog

Anyways, you can still get it from the mouse. Its hot yo, yeah I know…


One Response

  1. LOL. Good one, Lordoc. “Good boy!” Nice screen grab!

    Lordoc: Thanks!, Lol!

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