New Emotes As of May 1st!

(Credits to AQWorldsWiki)

  • /stern: You place your hands on your hip. Weapon disappears.


  • /cheer: You raise your weapon and shake it three times in a “Hip Hip Hurray”.


  • /salute: A salute. You raise your weapon once.


  • /facepalm: Self-explanatory. (Best emote ever)


  • /airguitar: You play your weapon like a guitar. Best used with one of four guitar weapons.


7 Responses

  1. airguitar is always the best

  2. The glicth for red dragon how u can beat it yourself works for all bosses

  3. all that look this moviments put /join grenwog

  4. hey do any of u guys know how to get a guitar?cause i need 1 for airguitar!!!!

  5. hello

  6. guys… just type /lol then you will laught for 2 seconds

  7. thank you!!

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