LIVE Mini-Wars

They can happen at any time….
Our major battles are one of the greatest features of AQWorlds. Now, at any time a war can happen placing you and every other player online against a villian and his unstoppable horde of creatures! Tons of special reward items have been added.

Fight Escherion

Okay, if you go to mobius you will need to talk to Renn and go to the boss. Once this appears…

Enter Boss Fight

You will be able to enter and fight this…


But when you defeat him you will go to renn and he will show you his good shop witch is this…


Char Page Background Update

I just checked my char page because its getting about 150 views a  day because people click the picture on the side bar –>. Anyways, they had added some cool background (Battleon) and it’s abailable to all players! Anyways, I picked a good friend to post his picture here. I will be using “Fan” examples. So, I wont be posting only about my Char, I will be picking friends so they can be on the blog. Anyways, I picked a good friend fro Viewers Class, his name is Aslen…


Yours Might be here if you comment allot & post your rank to “The Viewers Class Page”

1st Lord of Chaos Boss Fight!

Complete all of the Chaos Valley quests and battle the Chaos Lord Escherion! Beware, he wields the extremely dangerous staff of Inversion! This battle is unlike anything you have seen in-game before. It will require 5 players and strategy. The fate of the valley depends on your victory over the Chaos Lord…. good luck!

The Chaos Staff of Inversion makes him unstoppable!

This release includes the two new cutscenes, the boss fight, and new reward items including: Escherion’s Helm, Chaotic Conquer’s Skull Mace, Chaotic Warrior Mace, and a 1% chance to get the Chaos Staff of Inversion!

1st Lord of Chaos Boss Fight!

Realeasing on Friday
Tomorrow we enter the Tower and face the dreaded Battlemage Escherion. He is the 1st Lord of Chaos and wields the extremely dangerous Staff of Inversion! The fate of everyone we have met during this adventure depends on the outcome of your battle…. take these last moments to train and prepare yourself for AQWorld’s first major Boss Fight!


With only minutes to spare!

Secrets of Escherion
We know very little of the 1st Lord of Chaos. What we do know will barely help us in the coming battle. He is a Battlemage. His terrifying staff seems to have the power to invert anything he points it at. So be very careful entering his tower to do battle with him. He may just use the staff to invert you*! The staff is itself is really troubling. Have you seen it? It looks almost like it is looking around** when he holds it. Could it be alive? You better pay special attention to it if you choose to enter his chamber and face him one on one this Friday night!

* You know, find out what a hero is really made of. Visually.
** Talking about looking at things… do not forget about theART CONTEST!

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