Funny Picture

Hey guys, 

I was in AQWorlds and there is some kid that said that Barack Obama Came to his school, I was like.. No he didn’t. Than he was calling me noob and stuff, I was just joking arround. Than He was calling me a hater. I tell him I am not a Barack Obama fan cuz I am not and etc…. It was really funny lol!


Not A Fan

6 Responses

  1. You think I really have time for an AQW Forum right now? I have to make a persons css, make my own, post abt catalog secrets and have a minute of AQW before I have to go to my exam. If you think I could post then, then your mad.

  2. Yeah, I’m not a Barack obama fan either

  3. That was funny. I really like the ban emote you did. Good stuff.

  4. wow… looks like that kid is way wacked

  5. Yeah he was really dumb. I decided to post it here so he made a fool of himself.

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