Very Disappointed

I had been hearing rumors on AQWorlds of people saying that I am a hacker. I have not hacked AQWorlds guys. Why are some of you saying that just because I have a site? If you check all this site, It will say nothing about hacking….. I am just going to have to post something. I really don’t want you to say that about me. Saying that makes me think I have no life….. But I do. Maybe I should quit. Like 6 people had told me. I kill my but off working for you all.



12 Responses

  1. lordy i dont think ur a hacker cos ur AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Lordoc: Thanks Sammydaman, Means allot.

  2. hi ive seen you on aqworlds i dont think your a hacker

  3. lol ur not a hacker (to all people accusing him of hacking)”so he has website doesen’t mean he’s a hacker”

  4. wha…? u a hacker ?? why would ya need another acc
    this one is sweet!!! oh and dont quit cause i think ya cheats…

  5. lordoc i love your website its so cool and awsome!! i wanted to be a member but i said to my why cant i comment u so i ‘m asking now if membership is free or not cuz i like it…YOU TOTALLY ROCK LORDOC!!!!!!!

    Lordoc: I am glad to have a special fan like you. Hum, Right now. I have no idea about free membership. But I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! I will be giving two 3 month membership to two winners. I hope you come and try to win it. I am not sure when it will be. But once this blog improves I will let you know…

  6. hmmm? free membership contest? oohhh coool im so entering that

  7. lordoc how to join the contest so if i sign up here i will stay pay? or not? i didn’t sign up yet so i must ask u….THX

    Lordoc: The contest will be taken care on my forum

  8. Yo lordoc remember me…JesseBel…… can you make me Upgrade… please….

  9. Yup their wrong ur not a hacker Lordy ur juz giving us walkthroughs and glitches ur not a hacker ur AWESOME !!!!!††±‡

  10. thank you…

  11. hey lordoc can u?

    Lordoc: I DON”T KNOW?

  12. I don’t think that you’ re a hacker. You don’ t look so.

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