New Boss Sneak Peek & Places and Stuff….

Okay, here is my second post today. Its a Sneak Peek of the next boss. Here is what is going to include if we unlock that 100% thing at the battlecry.


Beat the war to unlock

  • Double War Bosses! (Doom times Twooom!)
  • New Zone: The Forest of Three Worlds
  • Aracara, our 1st (special) boss fight…Good luck!
  • Chainsaw wielding sneevils
  • Dew Drop, the Time Travel Fairy
  • New weapon and item drops
  • Weekend only special CHAINSAW sale!

Here are the Sneak Peek


Here is another Sneak Peek of this week’s release. I can’t wait to fight the spider!!!




When we unlock the 100% thing we will get: 

1. More Quests

2. More Items Maybe (Armors, Helms, & Weapons)

3. More places

4. “”Member will recive 250 Adventure Quest Worlds Coins!!!!!!!””

5. More bosses

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  1. were the dew drops at

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