Nothing To Post About- Ramdom Youtube Video

Hey Guys, I just wanna tell you that I posted a poll like  two weeks ago. And it got over 51 votes on the one that says Post one every week. So I will be posting them. Here is a music I like. I guarantee that you are gonna like it. 

4 Responses

  1. what a secie i knoe this song.
    yeah it was played heaps when it came out in aussie
    hey lordoc i remember the 2nd question i was gonna ask u …
    can i be apart of ya clan?
    u know me email right so just email me when ever and where ever if i can join kk?

    Lordoc: Yeah you can be part of my clan. I just need you to comment, with ur email, lvl, and char name. I am really bussy now, so I can be going and searching for the comments.

  2. ok here are my details=
    Level. 11 just about to level to 12.
    Character name . jackie676

  3. click da link to get hear da best song in da world

  4. another song (short but cool and funny)

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