Thank You All!

Hello Everyone! I will just like to thank everyone who came and searched to get to my Web page. I really appreciate that you all used my cheats, I am glad it helped allot of you. Also, I wanna show you some pictures you cannot see from my wordpress page. This is about all the people who came to my site and made it a “Hawt Post” Just want to let you know I don’t care about the Hits, I just care that I make my self useful and help others. I promise I wont let you all down…. I will buy a CSS & Domain so the site looks better, I am thinking of changing the name to or Lets see how it goes on the poll I will be posting some time next month or so….

Online People Every Hours, Click it to go see it. It will be different because this was take like 40 Hours ago.


(The Normal one was 51 People Online, But I caught a picture that shows lots of people.)



Here is the Busiest Day that has ever happened in the last 2 months, This happened Saturdaym April 11, 2009.

Busiest Day

3 Responses

  1. No problem Lordoc 😉

  2. no offense or anything lordy but why arent me and aslen on the header anymore?

    Lordoc: I decided to do something better. I will have moderators on the site that can edit other comments and answer them to make this web page more safe. You all will be on the site –>


    Lordoc: Yeah, Your going to be like the way I update comments, with the “Lordoc:”

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