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  1. can u post who the monsters u need to kill for the bunny quest

    Lordoc: None, just turn them in once you complete all the eggs

  2. just push tab and eventually they will become highlighted…

    Lordoc: Okay………..

  3. where do you get the were egg for the bunny berzeker armor

    Lordoc: I’ll keep updating the page…. Don’t worry/…

  4. where is fifteenth egg

  5. You must tell on how many eggs are there on the place..

    cause i have 1 more egg left and i cant find it

  6. Cool! now i need to find out how to get the bunny berserker armor

  7. where is the the other 3 eggs

  8. […] Click Here for the EGG Locations! […]

  9. about how long does it take for the monsters to drop eggs?

    Lordoc: The more you keep getting the harder its getting.

  10. can sombody poast the locations and names of the monster you need to kill to get parts of the bunny berserker armor


  11. wow how did you do it how long did it take

    Lordoc: about 4 minutes for the eggs, and 20 minutes maybe for the missions from the bunny.

  12. thanx i really needed this 🙂

  13. I cant find my 15th egg.

    Lordoc: Look at the end of the page…


  15. What buy Bunny Berzerker set???

  16. porkton, the werewolf, grizzlespit the sneevil, and the tree thing on the farm.

  17. it was a mirical that god made you

    Lordoc: Lol, thanks… Thats what everyone says..

  18. need to know where are egg 12 and 13, i cant find the part where that blue bunny is

    Lordoc: when you are infront of Yulgar, go to your right >>>>> and then keep going until you see the blue bunny, Or type /join trainers and get out of the store and than you will be there.

  19. Hey, congratulations on the success of your blog! I recently started my very own wordpress blog so hopefully you’ll have time to check it out! Good luck in the future.


  20. the 15th is on the tower!

  21. This was sooooo help full!

  22. This has really helped me. Thanks alot!

  23. I saw this on the main WordPress page and decided to try this game out. I like it! Very cute.

    Worth noting that this quest can be repeated; the backpack of eggs (reward) can be sold for 1250g. Over and over again.

  24. […] AQWorlds Easter Egg Hunt Cheats (Click Here To Chat With Me If You Have Questions I Am Online) Here are the places were you  need to look for the […] […]

  25. Cool! just a question is it true if you use skills you get more longer time to get the egg

  26. hey to get the bunny berzker do u need to be a paying member or not ? if not can u tell me were to get it plz 🙂

  27. To benjamin: no u dont need 2

  28. i know where is the were egg. fight werewolf in willow creek for 1% chance drop rate.
    wooden egg = fight treeant in farm for 3% chance drop rate.
    shell egg= fight grizzle spit in boxes for 2% chance drop.
    and for quacked egg= fight general porkon in orc town, i don’t know the percent.

  29. IT TAKES SO LONG TO GET WERE EGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT WILL I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. cn u tell hw many eggs per place??
    example: aria’s pet shop=2

  32. There is a glitch. The griizle sprit wont drop the ggsome1 repprt it before even its done

  33. Thanks!!!!

    Lordoc: You’re Welcome

  34. thx

    Lordoc: You’re Welcome

  35. u rulle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lordoc: Why thank you.

  36. y du u hav to be so complicated cant u say exactly wer dey r im not tryin 2 b meen

    Lordoc: Look buddy, I am just trying to do my job. Helping people, at least I try. Not like someone’s that don’t do work. I am not meaning my people aka fans, aka fans of aqworlds. JUST YOU! Thats rude man, Judging people.

  37. how many eggs are u count?
    15 hahahaa

  38. griccle spit takes ages to get it but at least the team and me found it without having a group

  39. lordoc,thats a bad maners to cheat oh anyway im chrono777

  40. to chrono777: we know itsays yer namee rite ther

  41. anyway its not bad manners i like you lardoc

    Lordoc: Thanks! If you wish to join my forum, please check http://aqworldscommunity.forumotion.com/

  42. what is account

  43. this is cool

  44. good job and ive been needing locations bad and good job

  45. Will u come and help me find the bunny lodoc

  46. how do i get the vorpal bunny

  47. how do i get the berzerker bunny in aq worlds but it is a new map but have no quest in aq worlds of a egg hunt????

  48. ya how do u get the berserker bunny i want it can somone help me

  49. me to i want the berserker bunny armor please help us

  50. can you meat me please anyone who has a vorpal bunny i really really want the armor

  51. how do u turn berseker egg in 2 get armor

  52. i need talking cheats

  53. i cant find d last egg i got 14 of them

  54. the ninja trainer one is invalid

  55. i am confused as to how to get to the ninja

  56. where is the ninja trainer

  57. ja wykonalem zadanie na Bunny Berzerker Armor i nie moge odebrac zbroi mam complit bylbym wdzieczny za pomoc

  58. guys this is last years if you want this years hold on……

  59. gracias aweonao xD

  60. Uh how can i get the bunny berserker armor quickly form the werewolf???


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