Battlecry Updates!

Hey! I got some cheats for you.

The bar has been restarted and a new boss will be unlocked! Here is a picture of the bar restarted


Five missions had been added. OMG GUYS, I AM SO MAD ABOUT THIS! I had 100 and I wanted the staff worth 100 medals and They did not give me anything, and I CLICKED THE SHIT THAT SAYS TURN IN! Fucking missions. Anyways here is the picture.


7 Responses

  1. Lol who’s in a creaky mood? I’m so happy they got more quests now I can get awesome items. 😀

  2. jeez i feel ya pain dude,
    but i know two jokes thatll probly make u laugh
    Q.what do PS2s and michealjackson have in common?
    A. Boys turn them on!!!
    lol heres another
    Q.michealjackson went out to sea and crashed his boat.were do u think they found him?
    A. bobbing up and down on a bouy!
    get it bouy and boy!!!!!!!! LOL ROFL

    Lordoc: LOL!!!

  3. i neva knw u swear lordoc lol

  4. LOL, I don’t usually. but I get mad some times. Don’t think I am weird, cuz I am not. LOL!

  5. The bad words brings attention and more ppl. I think, I saw a youtube video and the kid got famous by saying bad words…

  6. OMG REALLY LOL!!!!!!

  7. uhhhhhhhh lordy just another random question ummmmmm how do i join R.O.D?

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