Uniform Update

Hey Heroes!

I just wanted to let you know that the uniform for R.O.D aka Rulers Of Darkness.  I will need all members of our clan to comment on the page R.O.D, If you don’t comment I will assume that you are not checking this site for updates & receiving my E-mails, I know Aslen And Blueburu Come and check it everyday. I am not sure of the other members. Also, Ninja might be kicked out of the Clan b/c I sent him an E-mail and it was his father E-mail and he told me not to speak to him ever again. So i need to talk to him. Well, thats it for now.


17 Responses

  1. how can i join your clan lordoc can u please tell me?

  2. i am cheking emails k lol

  3. hey i am level 13 now can i join plz

    Lordoc: SURE! We will be glad to have you join in.

  4. thank u

  5. so how i get in the r.o.d

  6. page

  7. what u have to do to become a mod

  8. whats password for R.O.D

    To join R.O.D, you must be level 13, gimme ur email. Had joined the forum and post. Users that joined are allowed not to post the forum cuz most of them are betas. You can check out http://aqworldscommunity.forumotion.com/ just click register you dont need to ask. Post allot, red the rules first and dont break them..

  9. i did u said i could join

  10. lordoc when u goin to e mail me

  11. its me Crisom

  12. its me Crisom

  13. its me Crisom

  14. u have not sent e mail

  15. its me sorry u never said anything so i join another clan my friend happy bug

    Lordoc: Oh.. Sorry, I was busy with the forum.

  16. k

  17. can i join this clan and another plz

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