Funny Picture

Hey guys, 

I was in AQWorlds and there is some kid that said that Barack Obama Came to his school, I was like.. No he didn’t. Than he was calling me noob and stuff, I was just joking arround. Than He was calling me a hater. I tell him I am not a Barack Obama fan cuz I am not and etc…. It was really funny lol!


Not A Fan

Artix vs The Undead

Check it out, Artix battles The Undead.  I uploaded to my youtube, please watch it.

Earned Gold From Referred Friends

Hey guys, 2 people  sing up to aqworlds from my referred link & I earned 12 gold. Check it out its kind of cool


bejeweled blade


  • Red Jewel- Shark Bait (/join lolosia)
  • Blue Jewel- Fishman Soldier (/join Lolosia)
  • Green Jewel- Skeletal Warrior (/join graveyard)
  • Clear Jewel- Skeletal Viking (/join graveyard)
  • Purple Jewel- Leather Wing (/join guru)
  • Yellow Jewel- Trobble (/join guru)

Get Your Free Account!

Hey guys, I found out that you can tell people to join from your referrer link. just tell them to go sing up and they will. Wanna be my first Referred Friends? If you do, just click the following picture.

Get Your Free Account On AQWorlds!

Give the link to your friends!

Banner For Our Forum

Okay, as you can see… My forum banner is a little whack. I want a better one for people to click. I want you to make one for me and I will us them all. Everyaday I will update the one you give me and I will pic the one I like the most. Thanks, I will thank you big time and announce winner.

Free 250 AC

Hey everyone! I just noticed that Artix gave us all member 250 Coins. If you are wondering why you didn’t get any coins its because you are not member. Only members got the coins. Well, thanks everyone that has joned the forum, we have 14 users and about 130 psots. Thanks everyone. I hope you all can join and make the forum more official.

PS: Before posting you must read the rules.