Message From Moderator- Artix

Hello, Artix said there will be a special Battlecry for players of Sirver. Here is the message artix sent.

Message From Artix

I don’t know what he ment by “Battle Cry”

20 Responses

  1. How do you become a moderator on aqw??

    Lordoc: I didn’t say I was. LOL!

  2. darn! but how do you

  3. plz tell me.

  4. Will you?

  5. post a comment on my youtube channel


  6. sorry. im going too fast arent I? I will wait for you to answer ok?

  7. your mem right? so talk to me on Sir Ver on aqw ok?

  8. My character name is : dark killer link

  9. Yes i want you to show me how

  10. sorry im going to fast aren;t i ?

  11. …are you on…?…. jk jk go on

  12. plz tell me how to

  13. plz if your there

  14. if you are there leave a comment on my Youtube Channel ok?

    Lordoc: First go to the forum. and ask artix.

  15. ok then

  16. where is that?

  17. how do you talk to him

  18. well………

  19. can u make me a member plzzzzz

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