Space Limited For The Time

Hello, There are only 5 spots left for you to join Rulers Of Darkness. I will keep adding more on later. Just comment if you wanna join. Please dont be on multi-clans. I don’t like people that are like that. The reason I have Limited Space is because there was this bastard that quit our clan. I thought that he was a good guy. But I guess not. Anyways, comment here with the following.

Character Name:

And thats it. Must be level 13+

13 Responses

  1. Can i plz join

  2. Can i plz join. i am a lvl 13

    Lordoc: Yeah you can join, But you need to include the Level, Email, & Character Username.

  3. My Name is: bLuE bUrU
    My email is:
    Ima old friend =D

  4. My guy is lev 13 but will be mostly on next year as school starts(my laptop had a glitch in it at the start page)
    Is this all for mem?
    I’m only class 6 berserker
    9 warrior
    6 healer
    6 acolyte

  5. The only problem is that I can get to this site but can’t log in
    I can access another computer at around 2:55 pm-3:25pm
    My time zome is in Michigain
    I started to work on getting to the login page but it is too slow
    would you mind having a link to there plz thnx,

  6. Email:

    Lordoc: Where is your character and level.

  7. im a lvl 20

    Lordoc: COOL! Me too.

  8. 12 about to be 13 let me join

  9. my char page is;

    Im a lev 14 paladin

  10. Character Name:greenglue5
    can i plz join?

  11. Character Name:greenglue5
    can plz join even though i am not lvl 13?

  12. No sorry…

  13. carictar:name:knightworrier
    I will start leveling rite away . im also a dragon lord ,pleas let me join

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