Chaos At Marsh & More…

Hello everyone, There is a chaos at marsh. Its really cool. Also u guys know a guys called tomix? His armor is on sale! I am so getting it yo, Its freaking awesome. Also…. There are new quests and you can open your bank account! But you need coins, i bought 20 slots so i get more items. In the future I will be doing contests, They will contain memberships, coins, etc etc….. Well, thats it for now!


4 Responses

  1. sweet and that last monster is a sinch.
    hey can i be a part of the clan ? prettty please? pretty please with a orangish cherry on top?

  2. Hey can i join ur clan? im level 10 Ill tell you all my armors

    Crusader armor
    Undead Pirates curse
    and ill tell all of them tomorrow


  3. Ok now i will continue

    Crusader armor
    Undead Pirates curse
    Pirate Class(rank1)
    Warrior class(rank10)
    Healer class(rank4)
    Ninja Class(rank1)

    I hope you accept me

  4. please accept me i have been getting bad grades but since this game i have been getting good grades cause i did not want ot get groundexd so please please please

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