TJ4123 Kicked Out Of The Clan

Hello Guys, 

U remember TJ? He was on another clan, Its paladin something  but, I will kick him because He didnt told me sooner. I know he is not telling me the truth. I know he wants to be in that other clan. But, He wont be in our clans, I deleted him from my friends list, so he wouldn’t talk to me. He is banned from commenting, that means his comments wont be approved, And he was a leader of this clan not that its getting 600+ views. If your a member of Rulers Of Darkness, please remove him, I am not making u do this, but I would appreciate it. I can’t believe he did this to us.


3 Responses

  1. I could replace him =D

  2. i want to join the clan

  3. i want to join the clan. i had joined good. sadly i was also banned from commenting.

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