All Ranks In 10!!

Yo guys! I want a dream, to get 15 armors in 15, I have 7 right now. But I am really working hard to get there. I wanna show you a Quick Sneak Peek! WOOT WOOT, Sorry for saying WOOT, but I like to say it, If you have more ranks than me take a picture and I’ll post it, I’ll post it, doesn’t  matter how low they are, you must have at least 5 armors, Here is a picture, Click it to visit my Char Page.


Lordoc's Armors

Lordoc's Armors(Click for CHAR PAGE)

I’ll make a page to keep track of your armors, this is an activity I would like to do, If you have the highest ranks you’ll be on top, I will go to the rules too.

One Response

  1. lordoc i have 10 classes or armours but they are low mage 10 , warrior 6 , leprechaun 3 , pirate 2 , ninja 4 , healer 5 , rougue 2 , barber 2 , dragonslayer 3 and rustbucket 1

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