Can’t Let You Join

Hey guys, Right now I can’t let you join my clan. But you can just comment and It will take about 2 weeks for you to get on. I really have lots of work to do. Please continue visiting this website.

Thanks For Your Time,


8 Responses

  1. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you 🙂

  2. hey im level now ican i join i am member to i i will keep geting on ur site

  3. i am lv10 + ~??P<-¡ look at what i can do

  4. nice job

  5. hey im a aqworlds player lv 15 and can i join please i met you before but i vant say which player i was sorry

  6. can i meet you saturday 11am western time at lair -2009 im waiting ot meet you

  7. by the way u live in america cuz the time not sam eell me

  8. dude it is ninja how do i join?

    Oneurt: Just Comment your AQWorlds Name, E-mail, And you must refresh it allot so i reply if u r in.

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