Message From Moderator- Artix

Hello, Artix said there will be a special Battlecry for players of Sirver. Here is the message artix sent.

Message From Artix

I don’t know what he ment by “Battle Cry”

9 Armors In Rank 10!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, I had had a really bad day today. I was 94 percent, Thank I logged out and I found out to have 56 %. I was not in multiple connections, Trust me. Anyways, after all of that hard work, I finally became rank 10. Woot! Here is the picture of the time, ranks, and leprechaun.

Here is the Time


Here are all my armors in 10


And finally my leprechaun in 10.


This is all so going to the memory page.

Moderator Screen Shots

I was lucky that I  was online, i took screenshots of them all, I think…







New Member & More

Hello Everyone! BlueBuru My good old friend has joined our clan. I had let him join because he is an old friend. This is because he is lvl 10. I don’t really ming. But please welcome him to our site, and Clan. Also, our member Beau1’s account has been deleted because his cousin Eryck1 hacked stuff to his account. I told them but they did not listen, Well, thats what they get. If beau1 wants to join back, He must be level 5, because he was already member, so thats what happens to members whose accounts get deleted.

Space Limited For The Time

Hello, There are only 5 spots left for you to join Rulers Of Darkness. I will keep adding more on later. Just comment if you wanna join. Please dont be on multi-clans. I don’t like people that are like that. The reason I have Limited Space is because there was this bastard that quit our clan. I thought that he was a good guy. But I guess not. Anyways, comment here with the following.

Character Name:

And thats it. Must be level 13+

Lordoc’s New Chatbox & Youtube Channel

Hello Guys, I have made a chatbox. To go and chat w ith me and friends, go to It’s a chat I made, I am working on it.. It might be finished soon. I wanna add AQWorlds at the bottom, and my site.. Also my youtube channel is   Please subscribe. I need to work on allot this day, and coming back to play aqworlds, been busy this week thats why I havent Played in a while. Anyways, To The Lordak Chat Mobile!


Chaos At Marsh & More…

Hello everyone, There is a chaos at marsh. Its really cool. Also u guys know a guys called tomix? His armor is on sale! I am so getting it yo, Its freaking awesome. Also…. There are new quests and you can open your bank account! But you need coins, i bought 20 slots so i get more items. In the future I will be doing contests, They will contain memberships, coins, etc etc….. Well, thats it for now!